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Collecting 101

Whether you are already a collector, or you are a newcomer, collecting art is a lifelong passion. No matter how advanced your knowledge is (or isn't), we can all continue learning, and sharing our passion with each other. Our philosophy about collecting can be summed up in the following 6 simple principles:

1. Open your eyes

Go to see art as much as possible. Log onto ArtWeLove for artist profiles, exhibition recommendations and more.

2. Stay current

Become a member and sign up for classes at your local museum. Keep up to date on the art scene with our weekly news digest, and sign up for our Shop.ArtWeLove newsletter to be the first to know of upcoming editions by some of the most exciting artists living today. Attend art fairs and biennales whenever possible.

3. Read up!

Read up! Whenever possible, we like to learn what the pros know (think prominent contemporary art collectors). Here are a few of our favorite books on the subject:

4. Acquire art because you love it

Buy art because it moves you; because you believe it will challenge the way you think of yourself and the world around you.

5. Take care of your art

Art is fragile and unique, so frame it correctly, protect it from direct sunlight. For more about great framing suggestions, click here.

6. Share the art you love

You’ve bought art, so now what? Congratulations! You're now the custodian of a unique work that someone has spent a great deal of time conceiving. Your artworks (and the ideas they contain) will hopefully outlive you to other art stewards, and by displaying it and talking about it, you become part of making its influence stronger. You’re part of the story. It’s kind of nice, isn’t it?