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Founded in 2008, ArtWeLove is the brainchild of long-time collectors, tech geeks, and art publishers whose dream is to make fine art part of everyone’s life, easily, enjoyably and affordably.

Our online store offers exclusive, museum-quality art editions by today’s most inspiring artists. We focus on artists whose works can be found in top galleries and museums (like the MoMA), leading art events (like the Venice Biennale), and (of course) private collections around the world.

Our prints come numbered with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Our learning community indexes important artworks, artists and art forms, and lets casual art lovers and savvy collectors alike make art discoveries based on their personal tastes.



We believe that everybody should be able to collect the best art of their time.

Because we are convinced that today's print collectors will be tomorrow's biggest supporters of the arts, we want their first encounter with art to be an opportunity to explore thought-provoking artworks.

This is why all of our projects are unique collaborations with some of the most vibrant voices in contemporary art.

This is also why ArtWeLove has made it a point to help people understand the artist’s perspective by creating short-segment video interviews with each artist.

Whether you're new to art... or a casual museum goer...or someone with a basic knowledge of various styles and movements... or even a well-connected, well-educated enthusiast searching for something new and hot... we're here to inspire, encourage, and listen to you.

Please take a look. Poke around. Explore and experiment. When you have a question or a comment, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with us. It’s what we’re here for!


Our job is to bring contemporary art and artists into your life -- easily, enjoyably, and affordably.

We do it by curating and commissioning our very own limited edition artworks by some of our favorite contemporary artists.

Not just any artists. We focus on the ones whose works can be found in top museums (like the MoMA), galleries (like Martos Gallery, New York), international festivals (like the Venice Biennale), and (of course) private collections around the world.

Ready to start your own private collection? Our catalogue can be browsed by artist and title, theme and subject, movement and medium, even (shocking!) size and price.

But, of course, the Number One rule is this: Don’t buy it unless you love it. And, if you have questions, just let us know. We’re here to help.


Whether you're looking for a gift, a pretty picture to complement your decor, or a new piece by an up-and-coming artist to add to your collection, you'll actually enjoy your shopping-and-receiving experience. Here's why:

No worrying about originality or collectibility. Our business is exclusively exclusives, and what's more, museum-quality. You won't find these works anywhere else.

No wondering about texture or quality. Our series and editions are consistently printed onto the highest-quality fine-art and photo papers (255GSM and over).

No need to order expensive custom frames. Although, of course, if you want to, these works deserve it! We use standard sizes, so you can buy frames off the shelf and still get a perfect fit.

Handling with care. Depending upon what you've selected, your purchases will be oh-so-lovingly slipped into rigid tubes and/or mailers for you to receive anywhere in the U.S. in 4-5 weeks.

Something special from the artist to you. Each one of our series and editions comes with a signed-and-numbered certificate of authenticity. Plus you'll find a description of your work, a profile of the artist, and helpful hints for framing and decorating.


In 1999, Laurence Lafforgue, a top-level ad-agency executive, began collecting art.

Her first piece, an indulgence of her childhood fascination with Japanese manga, was a limited-edition print (263 of 300) of Takashi Murakami's Into the Dream (Jumbo Corn Head Mushroom) for just 100 euros.

Upon making that purchase, it dawned on her that too few artists were producing original, affordable, collectible limited-edition prints. And that the deficit of entry-level pieces was hurting the contemporary-art world.

Fast forward to 2007, in a pre-bubble world, where artists made headlines based on their auction results, Laurence asked herself a simple question: But where has all the love gone?

She knew that focusing on the monetary value of art buried the discussions that emerge when we are surrounded by art that makes us think.

So together with Jonathan Vanasco and Mariya Hoskins, they set out to democratize the access to the best of contemporary art by making it fun and easy to find up-and-coming art and artists.

The result was the ArtWeLove learning engine, which indexes thousands of important works, artists, art forms, and art venues in a smart and digestible format. The engine, much like Amazon's, gradually learns user preferences and recommends artwork users might just love.

In 2010, the ArtWeLove online store made its debut, offering close to 100 affordable limited-edition prints by today's most exciting artists, both established and up-and-coming. At last, discerning art lovers could put their money where their love was!


Our team includes art collectors, ex-art dealers and art book publishers, digital media geeks and compulsive art shoppers, all very opinionated professionals.






Favorite artist: Yves Klein and his long lineage, including Takashi Murakami, among others.

Life defining art experience / best art souvenir: Water Tower by Rachel Whiteread, on view in Manhattan skyline as part of a public project installation in 1998. Discovering this sculpture convinced her she belonged to New York City -- and that she had to find out more about Whiteread's work.

Currently culturally curious about: The new French Touch phenomenon in visual arts

Favorite work in situ: Water Tower by Rachel Whiteread on view at the MoMA-- if you know where to look! That's from the first floor ....


Favorite artist: William Kentridge, and every artist I've had the opportunity to work with.

Life defining art experience / best art souvenir: The 2006 Eva Hesse exhibition at The Drawing Center, New York.

Currently culturally curious about: Video art as an increasingly collectible art form.

Favorite work in situ: Chris Burden's Urban Light, installed in 2008 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Favorite artist: Tie between Cindy Sherman and Patricia Piccinini.

Life defining art experience / best art souvenir: Learning how the Masai people have a different interpretation of color and symmetry than Western cultures.

Currently culturally curious about: The evolution of interactive and digital art.

Favorite work in situ: James Turrel's Skyspace "Meeting" 1986, P.S.1.


Favorite artist: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Tauba Auerbach, Ed Ruscha, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ellsworth Kelly, Josef Muller-Brockmann

Life defining art experience / best art souvenir: Kara Walker My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love at The Whitney Musuem, 2007-08

Currently culturally curious about: Katrin Sigurdardottir

Favorite work in situ: Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye and PRADA Marfa by Elmgreen & Dragset

Guest Curator



Danika Druttman is a collector and longtime friend of ArtWeLove. As a Communications Manager at Roger Smith Arts, ArtWeLove and artist Seth Indigo Carnes had the lovely opportunity to work directly with Danika to produce LOBBY SERIES #18: iheart variation 003 at the Roger Smith Hotel, New York.

Danika Curated: Our First View of Red Leaf Thicket by Daniel Wiener

What drew you to the work of Daniel Wiener: What I am drawn to in this piece is the multi faceted range of Daniel's work, and the subsequent room for surprise. There is a process of recognition that the eye goes through. From afar, this work has an earthy, raw texture. For me, it evokes the freedom of wild terrain, cohorting with the elements in the warm chill of Autumn.

What's in Danika's Collection: Fireplace Mirror by Francesca Gabbiani and Sculpture, Adrift by Daniel Wiener