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"Central to my work is the relationship between the individual and space."
- Clive van den Berg

Artists We Love: Clive van den Berg

Clive van den Berg

About Clive van den Berg

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Works In
South Africa, USA, Europe
Themes & Inspiration
Body, Eros (Desire), Landscape, Light, Memory
Techniques & Media
Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Video, Landscape installation
My influences are broad, ranging from early Renaissance painting to contemporary landscape theory but my interests can be summed up as centering on the interface between body and space, that often uncomfortable zone of negotiation between personal desire and public expectation.
Represented by
Goodman Gallery

South African based artist Clive van den Berg uses sculpture, architecture, painting and printmaking to extend the sensual experiences of the world through art. For Clive, art must “evoke [the body’s] trembling interior and give form to those experiences which take place on the border between inside and outside.” Elevating this concept of sensuality, van den Berg develops works within five distinct themes: Body, Eros, Landscape, Light, Memory. Inherit in all works, bridging the five themes, are universal ideas pertaining to communication, desire, intimacy, recovery, and destruction.

Clive van den Berg received a B.A.F.A. from the University of Natal (South Africa). He has exhibited works at N.S.A. Gallery (Durban, South Africa), Palais des Beaux-Arts (Belgium), Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg), and the Museum of African Art (New York). He has had two major exhibitions and commissions from the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Clive van den Berg has also earned several major prizes, including, internationally, a Civitella Ranieri fellowship and the Michelin International Art Competition. His work has been collected by the South African National Gallery and the Johannesburg Art Gallery, among public institutions, and is included in numerous corporate and private collections in South Africa and abroad. Clive van den Berg completed a residency at Columbia University in 2009, working with the Engendering the Archive group and with the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies. Clive van den Berg has been awarded a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship for 2010/11.

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