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"For us modern humans the issue at hand is perspective. How can the soon-to-be redundant human species best cope with the tectonic changes wrought by technology? Can an "elegant portal" from the existing human condition be built to the unknown world of the Singularity?"
- Josh Harris

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Josh Harris

About Josh Harris

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New York, NY
Techniques & Media
Painting, Video, Performance

Josh Harris is the founder of JupiterResearch and Harris owned and operated Livingston Orchards, LLC, a commercial apple farm in Columbia County, New York from 2001–2006 and is currently the CEO of The Wired City, an Internet television network based in New York City. Widely recognized as a web pioneer, Harris is also known for his art projects, primarily those that centered around his experiment Quiet: We Live In Public. Most recently, Harris has been working on his Meet the Singularities painting series in which he explores "how humans are to cope with the tectonic changes wrought by technology." Quoted in, he explains "Others would say that I am the 'Warhol of the web.' I would argue that my special gift is the ability to use technology to create the future in the present."

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