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"Yes, everyday objects inspire my work, but the glamour of pop culture is not so much my focus, although I may brush up against it inadvertently."
- Pierre Obando

Artists We Love: Pierre Obando

Pierre Obando

About Pierre Obando

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Works In
New York, NY
Themes & Inspiration
Daily Life, Outdated Technologies, Moire Pattern, The Flaneur
Techniques & Media
Painting, Photography
Jorge Luis Borges, Matthew Buckingham, Roy Lichtenstein, Gabriel Orozco, Cy Twombly, Dan Walsh, Jennifer Bartlett
Represented by
Heskin Contemporary

Born in Belize City, New York-based painter Pierre Obando explores the immense field of products, logos, brands, and other visuals we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Drawing from techniques inspired by newsprint and computer generated imagery, Obando reduces his images to the most basic level - the dot. His paintings feature amplified dot matrix patterns to render images from a wide range of materials. In this way, Pierre plays with familiar images and reminds the viewer of their everyday experiences.

Pierre Obando completed his Master of Fine Arts at Hunter College in New York City. His work has been featured at the Queens Museum of Art (New York), Lehmann Maupin Gallery (New York), Rush Arts (New York), and Heskin Contemporary (New York).

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