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"The Scarab is a powerful symbol because it represents both Egypt's past and its future potential for prosperity from harnessing clean energy."
- Sarah Rifaat

Artists We Love: Sarah Rifaat

Sarah Rifaat

About Sarah Rifaat

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Works In
Cairo, Egypt
Themes & Inspiration
Ecology, Geography
Techniques & Media
Graphic Design, Photography
Henri Cartier Bresson and Stefan Sagmeister

Sarah Rifaat is a graphic designer and photographer based in Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, Rifaat was one artist selected to participate in’s global EARTH art project. In ancient Egyptian culture, the Scarab, a beetle-like insect, was associated with rebirth and often illustrated as holding up the sun. On November 26, 2010 in Cairo, Sarah’s 350 EARTH installation will form the traditional image of Scarab and Sun using people and solar panels. Additionally, the larger-than-life art piece will be photographed by satellites.

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Scarab & Sun

Scarab & Sun

A benefit for's global EARTH project.

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