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"I’m simply interested in seeking what comes out of the destruction of the complete. When you break, or destroy, something unexpected appears all of the sudden and affects the whole."
- Tomoo Gokita

Artists We Love: Tomoo Gokita

Tomoo Gokita

About Tomoo Gokita

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Works In
Tokyo, Japan
Themes & Inspiration
Deconstruction, Human Figure
Techniques & Media
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Movements & Styles
Figurative Painting
Emerging Markets
Japanese Contemporary Art
Pop Art, Surrealism, Cubism
ATM Gallery

Born in Tokyo, Tomoo Gokita has published and exhibited extensively within Japan as well as group and solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin.

Gokita’s work has had a strong presence within the world of contemporary culture for a number of years in Japan, but it was in the early 2000s that his practice became recognized within the international fine art scene. Demonstrating his versatility, Tomoo’s artistic projects have run the gamut from skillful draftsmanship to abstract deconstructionist painting, making stops at many points along the way.

Highly recognized for his abstract figural paintings in gouache on canvas, Tomoo Gokita adapts his formal art school training – drawing still lifes and female nudes - into Pop-Surrealist explosions. Gokita takes traditional forms and explores what happens when they are broken down and manipulated. His unique brushstrokes transpose grayscale forms into playful, often amorphous portraits.

Marking an evolution, Gokita has expanded his usual practice while retaining a black, white, and gray palette. In 2010, Tomoo sidestepped gradients for a sharper approach by using enamel and spray paint to highlight minimal silhouettes. His themes have stayed in the realm of eccentric abstract figures and spirited imagery. Gokita’s fascination with the deconstruction of form alters his subjects into surreal physiques that captivate the imagination.

Recent solo exhibitions include: "Wildest Dreams" and "Champion Carnival" at ATM Gallery, “Tomoo Gokita” at Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, “Vanity Drunko” at Honor Fraser, Venice, California, “Drunko” at ATM Gallery, New York, and “Finger Prince” at Gallery Trax, Yamanashi, Japan. In 2007, he exhibited in the group show “Mail Order Monsters” at Deitch Projects, New York.

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