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"For me, exploration is the process, observing how different things affect that process. My paintings are the product of an exploration with each layer creating a different kind of history."
- Quentin Curry

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Quentin Curry

About Quentin Curry

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Works in
New York, USA
Themes & Inspiration
Landscape, history, three-dimensional relief, texture, abstraction, fabric, dust, and stone.
Hans Hoffman, Jean Dubuffet, Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana
The Hort Collection

American painter Quentin Curry engages in a kind of contemporary archeology as he takes on history’s most treasured and disregarded debris. Through porous fabric Curry applies layers of enamel paint mixed with stone dust atop his canvasses. His creative process is visible in the final haunting compositions, which often incorporate industrial landscapes and historical figures. Curry describes this complex process as painting with “three-dimensional relief.” The result is a brilliant, iridescent fresco which draws you into Curry’s unique universe. Curry continues to evoke this sentimentality and worldly-wisdom into his more recent work, namely 2009’s “Founder”, which presents a rearticulated portrait of one of the most beloved and recognizable figures in American history, Abraham Lincoln.

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